Graphic Design

The first degree I obtained was an associates in Graphic Design in 2010. I’m proficient with the Adobe Suite and have created websites, (examples include and customizing their layout and creating the majority of their graphics. I’ve done print media as well, including flyers for churches, business cards and logo design.

Web Media

HTML, CSS, and Javascript

The website below was developed by Cody Berry and me. We had a focus on reactive design using bootstrap. The website itself was developed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

BSG website.png


This entire website was a look into WordPress. At this point I have the whole site running on it. This takes away from my customization but I think it makes for a good place for a portfolio.

Learning Management Systems

I have over a year and a half of experience creating online courses in Moodle, Canvas and Blackboard. This consisted of taking an outline from the course formatted in a word document with headers indicating activities such as Discussion Forums, Assignments, pages, etc, and creating the content on the LMS. This was mostly a mixture of HTML and CSS (as we did custom styling in Moodle)

Java Script Adobe Forms

This consisted of creating PDF forms with fields that were editable with formulas that filled in sections automatically. My best example of this was a personality test that asks you questions on a scale of one to five then add up a score at the end where some questions numbers needed to be inverted. The form was setup using a JS to perform the math as the user was answering the questions.

Print Media

Understanding Research, Copyright, and Print Costs

This is a restaurant cover with a business card and logos in 4 color, duo tone and mono color. After some research this logo was created. It was created in multiple colors to show that it can be done more cost effectively if the restaurant was on a tight budget. A lot of research went into the menu also I created all the items on the menu based on similar competitors. The piece is 25.5in x 15in which is in the larger category of menu sizes. The images used were also purchased for use when it comes to design it is important to know when you can use certain images.

Attached are PDFs of all the assets that go with this restaurant.


InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop Experience

You can see more of what I do there over on the Bourbon State Gaming page on my site. This is about the print media. For the last two years I have created the flyers, badges and altered our logo for a shirt design. The flyers are created in InDesign where the layout and typography is done, images are edited in Photoshop and vector based graphics are created in Illustrator before being brought into the InDesign file. They are then exported in two versions one in 72dpi in RGB for web use and one in 300dpi in CMYK for print.

The badges are a testimony to my ability to work under pressure. People place an order for one at our tournament and I create it within a a few hours. I have a template set up for quick access to background and then customers can choose one or two characters from Super Smash Brothers, or provide me with a custom image as well as providing me what their tag is and their badge is created, printed and cut to fit a 2.5in by 3.5in lanyard sleeve.